Health & Family Welfare

Rural areas of State of Odisha are devoid of the basic health infrastructure. The main health problems that are affecting the area are high infant mortality, maternal mortality,
mal-nutrition, low institutional delivery, skin infection, high fever, diarrhea, etc..
The reasons for these diseases can largely be attributed to ignorance, low status of women, non-availability of medical team, which operates largely in the remote part of the district.
During the period of reporting more than3,000 patients including 1572 women and children were benefited from this program. Free medicines were distributed to the poor and needy.

To solve this problem one survey and field inspection MTSERF has conducted where the following points have been noticed :
1. Transportation from rural areas to the nearest Hospital.
2. Unavailability of food and drinking water.
3. Even if good Hospitals available with equipment the medical staffs
are not available for rural places.
Hence as per MTSERF research conducting health camps is not the solution to this problem rather awareness amongst the medical staffs should be created, to camp at rural areas rather sticking in townships and definitely transportation always solve a major problem in every sector.