Term & Condition

Maa Tara Socio Economic Rehabilitation Foundation {MTSERF} is a Trust, came into
existence in 2006-2007 by a group of enthusiastic, like minded people with firm belief in social service and action. The organization is built upon the conceptual frame work of freedom, emancipation and self reliance. It came into force to address the socio- economic problems with the view of participatory approach.
All its resources and man power are used in the level of education and massive awareness to build up a healthy socio-cultural and environmental order through different programs. It is also trying to safeguard the democratic base of the poor and the unprivileged classes to realize and analyze the real social phenomena leading to wise and independent judgement regarding attainable matters of an individual in particular and the society in general.
To give the organization a legal status, it is registered under the sub-registrar, Puri, Odisha on January 2007 as a non-political, non-profitable, non-government developmental organization. The organization is in its own pace towards achieving its goals. Since inception, it has been undertaking different need-based programs with the support of members. After registration of the Trust now the Trust obtains the following approvals