Women Empowerment

Over few years atrocities against the women are on the rise. Though there are several acts and statutes for prevention these are not implemented strictly.

The main reason for this is the lack of awareness among the people. In order to educate the women regarding various legal provisions for the protection of the women MTSERF conduct various workshops at different places of Odisha and officials, lawyers and social activists participated in these programs to motivate the women regarding their rights and duties in case of violation of their rights.

In view of organizing poor, homogeneous OBC women from unorganized sector, for their cohesion and enhancement of comradeship attitude together with habituating them on regular thrift and credit system, MTSERF has formed SHGs.

During reporting period, the SHG members were imparted with various trainings like capacity building and entrepreneurship development. Apart from this the SHG members were trained on garment making, soft toy making & handicraft training.