Youth Development

Sports and games play an important role in rural areas. Besides working as an instrument for entertainment it also promote a sense of competitiveness. This year a football tournament was organized at the panchayat level. Like the previous years the panchayat level volley ball and kabadi tournaments were organized at Talabania, Puri.

Youth are a symbol of unbounded energy. If this source of energy is tapped in proper manner they can play a vital role in nation building. Like every year MTSERF organized a state level integration camp to infuse the sense of nation building and leadership among them. The five day camp was organized at Puri where 95 youth from the district participated. In this camp special emphasis was laid on character building, patriotism, self reliance and improve the functional ability of rural youth.

Education plays a vital role in the human life. But people are not so concerned about the education. We find most uneducated youth both in Rural and Urban areas. Volunteers of MTSERF contacted the youths in Rural and Urban areas and insisted them to learn at their own home. There is no need of going anywhere else. You read while your children are reading. Slowly you could learn the basic education which will lead you to know the essential things of life and to analyze the means of life. Free study materials are collected from the Dist. Admn.s and were being distributed.